Dancers Making a Difference

When we first started the Andréa Rizzo Foundation, we always dreamed of spreading Andréa’s dream of providing dance therapy to children with cancer and special needs – far and wide. Andréa’s life may have been taken in a senseless tragedy, but her dream could live on through our efforts.
Early on, it became clear that dancers across the country began to learn of our cause and they understood, on a very personal level, the impact that dance could make on a child who is suffering with cancer or who is faced with disabilities. They wanted to help and through their love of dance they have made a difference.
Those who have participated in our Dance Across America® initiative – dancers, their teachers and parents –  all give back in the most unselfish way to make it possible for others to heal through the benefits of dance.  When one young dancer puts their energy into our cause – they are impacting hundreds of young cancer patients who will benefit from the power of dance therapy.
Dancing and doing good at the same time is it’s own reward!  It’s been a truly rewarding experience to see kids helping kids – and having fun in the process!
Andréa was one dancer – and we wish she could be here with us to live out all that she dreamed of. But – knowing that there are thousands of dancers nationwide, who believe in her dream and give of their time and passion by letting their hearts move their feet for our cause – has made the impact of Andréa’s dream that much more powerful.
Through this overwhelming effort – we know Andréa’s dream lives on!

Dancing and doing good at the same time is it’s own reward!
 The Andréa Rizzo Foundation

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